Data Scientist

Required Educational Qualifications

Bachelors in Computer Science and/or Mathematics from Tier 1 institute.

Required Experience:

At least 2 (four) years as an analyst and experience as Data Scientist.

What you will be doing here -

  • Analyse data from multiple angles, looking for trends that highlight problems or opportunities.

  • Manage data requests from internal & external stakeholders (like investors and business partners).

  • Interface & provide relevant input to AI & research team.

  • Ensure that data pipeline is healthy & exhaustive in nature, just-in-time.

  • Make recommendations to adopt new business and product strategies.

  • Preempt threats and opportunities.

Skills Required -

  • Computer Science or IT Engineering background with solid understanding of basics of Data Structures and Algorithms

  • 2+ years of data science experience working with large datasets

  • Expertise in Python packages like pandas, numPy, sklearn, matplotlib, seaborn, keras and tensorflow

  • Expertise in Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra and PostgreSQL

  • Expertise in Cloud computing on AWS with EC2, AutoML, Lambda and RDS

  • Good knowledge of Machine Learning and Statistical time series analysis (optional)

  • Unparalleled logical ability making you the go to guy for all things related to data

If this sounds interesting to you then please fill out the form, if you're a good fit we'll certainly reach out  to you.