Senior Android Developer

Required Educational Qualifications

B.Tech/M.Tech from Tier 1/Tier 2 institute

Required Experience:

More than 5 years of experience after graduation/post-graduation in native Android.

What you will be doing here -

  • Provide architectural design and ensure its execution on current and future technologies.

  • Lead development efforts(feasibility, design, development, testing, and deployment) on the Android client stack.

  • Anticipate, resolve and ensure continuity of the application performance across different range of Android devices.

  • Own the delivery of multiple product features development by following best practices of development and coding standards.

  • Provide support to the QA team to setup tools and processes to ensure high performance of the application.

  • Carry our peer review of source code to strengthen code quality.

  • Help team build technical capabilities.

Skills Required -

  • Mastery in profiling tools like Android Profiler and Battery Historian.

  • Ability to profile apps for performance & improve upon the same.

  • Sound understanding of Android architecture components & Jetpack libraries.

  • Strong hands-on with Android design patterns like MVP and MVVM.

  • Strong understanding of Java/Kotlin (Kotlin preferred)

If this sounds interesting to you then please fill out the form, if you're a good fit we'll certainly reach out  to you.